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by Jean Weir

Anarchists and revolutionaries are such not because they say they are or write articles and programmes ending them with slogans or symbols of anarchism. They are such because they want to do something against oppression, ie, they want to denounce and attack the repressive systems and all those who hold them together...

To fully understand this simple statement, we must take a step further. Before attacking it is necessary to know whom and what to attack and to understand why to attack.

Otherwise one ends up acting like a mad bull charging about wildly, and which gets slain sooner or later.

What can we do in order to know whom and what to attack? Simply inform ourselves. Capital and the State are transforming themselves rapidly. With developments in electronics, a vast restructuring is taking place in production and control. The huge industrial complexes are now spreading over the whole social territory, linked together by electronic and telematic cables. The whole planet will soon be covered in a thick network of communications that are at the basis of the present system of production, consequently also present day exploitation. So we know what and whom to attack.

What can we do to understand why to attack? This is quite simple. The industry of the past could have been conquered by the revolution and put to peaceful productive use. Today's industry is mainly electronically operated by people who have no real operative knowledge. It will never be usable for social good except except in minimal part. The huge electronic communications systems on which present-day production-repression is based will certainly never be usable, that is why it is necessary right away to begin to attack at the present time.

Between moving and staying still, we prefer to move. The restructuring that has reinforced capital's capacity to produce has also opened new cracks. The enourmous communications network that runs through the territory of every advanced industrial nation is certainly one of those cracks.

We must strike inside this. With small actions, not big military operations that are beyond our material possibility and outside the logic of the new capital. It is precisely small destructive actions, sabotage spread over the whole territory, that is the most fitting arm with which to fight the class enemy today.
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