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home defense

My house was broken into yesterday...

My partner and I were out when it happened, they were gone before we got home, nothing was taken or damaged, the only evidence was that a window had been opened from the ouside, the screen and bars in front of it had been removed, there was mud from the yard on the windowsill, and a single set of muddy footprints (New Balance running shoes) leading away from the window into my apartment.

The individual who did this ignored valuable items (they even had to move my guitar and amplifier, which they then, apparently, ignored, away from the window in order to climb in) and left without taking anything. The window was left open after they exited, the footprints remain, and the jackass even knocked over a glass of paint/water on the carpet. It would appear from the amateurish and clumsy nature of this act that that this individual was neither experienced, nor willing to burden him/herself with large items. this leads me to conclude that they were primarily concerned with cash (of which we have none) and possibly small valuables for resale (such as jewelry, watches, etc. which are too hard to find in our messy, messy apartment). This would seem to fit the pattern (lack of planning/capability/intelligence/concern for evidence) of break-ins by junkies/crackhead-scumfucks looking for a quick buck for a fix. In fact, intoxication/substance abuse could explain the clumsy actions of the intruder while in the apartment. A break in by seasoned thieves would have (possibly) been more destructive, and would have resulted in the theft of any items of value, whether pocket-size or not. A break in by law-enforcement personnel would never have been so clumsy or pointless, and if police had entered my house, I'm willing to bet that they would not have left evidence to indicate their presence.

When we arrived home to find our apartment this way, my immediate concern was finding a weapon, and searching the place to make sure whoever had come in was no longer there. As of right now, the only weapon I have in my place is a combat/fighting knife that I know how to use. I quickly got it out and began searching the apartment. I checked every room, making sure to check closets, and behind doors, I checked every place that I could, even spaces that seemed unlikely to be suitable to hide in. Once I had done this three or four times, and had satisfied myself that there was no one there but us, I closed the window, locked it (we were, apparently, a target of opportunity. we live at ground level and I had mistakenly left one window unlocked, this provided what amounts to an engraved invitation to etry), and called close friends to let them know I may have needed help. This did not become necessary, though, as my partner and I discussed the situation and decided that we were secure in our home (now with locked windows). We went to sleep.


there are only two reasons to EVER call the police!!!

1) You found a body.
2) You made one.

In these two circumstances, the risk of NOT reporting to state authorities far outweighs the risk of reporting to them.

What has been learned:

Personal security/home defense is nothing to take lightly. as long as there are high level capitalists (big business, the state, etc.) to keep people poor and desperate and low level capitalists (drug dealers, organized crime, etc.) to force drugs and violence on those same poor communities, there will occasionally be people with nothing to lose from, and no better option than resorting to this kind of behavior. It is senseless to resort to soliciting the state for aid in alleviating problems THEY CREATE, as the only result from this is increased scrutiny and repression of working class communities and individuals. We want fewer prisoners in the dungeons of the correctional system, not more.

You are more than capable of dealing with this kind of thing on your own, trust me. All you need is the confidence and ability to defend yourself if and when you are confronted with an intrusion, and a way in which to contact close friends and allies to come to your aid if necessary. whatever steps are necessary after that are up to you. I, personally, would have much rather had a good semiautomatic pistol or shotgun on hand instead of my knife, and I am taking steps to fix that problem. As human beings, and as radicals, there is no reason for us to willingly invite the police into our homes.
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