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by Jean Weir

Anarchists and revolutionaries are such not because they say they are or write articles and programmes ending them with slogans or symbols of anarchism. They are such because they want to do something against oppression, ie, they want to denounce and attack the repressive systems and all those who hold them together...

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A.B.C.F. Jacksonville (?)

Is anyone else familiar with the introductory training videos that Anarchist Black Cross,Jacksonville (I think) put out a few years back (tactical shotgun for self defense/urban rifle)? if not I reccomend you seek them out, and, if so, I'd be really interested to hear other people's thoughts on the material. did you think they were useful? what steps, if any, have you taken to make self defense a priority for you and your community? etc.
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Resisting the Entirety of the Spectacle

By Crudocrust and RedLibertad (with contributions from members of the RAAN online community)

(This essay originally appeared in the second issue of Praxis, journal of the Red & Anarchist Action Network: Fall, 2003)

Subjective Violence

I watched as the older pacifist types, the open-eyed new comers, and the younger idealists of about fifteen aligned themselves with a "plus" and "minus" quadrant graph on the floor. Taped to the four sides of the wall were four "actions" that you had to align yourself with. On two opposite sides there were pieces of paper that asked if you thought that activity was violent or non-violent, and on the next set of walls, two pieces asking if you would do the action or not. I had gotten myself into another Ruckus Society style training session, and the question we were being asked to align ourselves with was whether or not we would destroy GMO (genetically-modified) crops that belonged to a large corporation. I got on the non-violent side, and then also aligned myself with "yes I would do the action", (a position that I maintained through the questions about the Boston Tea Party and property destruction).

Looking across the room, a few people had aligned themselves with the "violent, no I wouldn't do it", quadrant. The instructor asked them why they had placed themselves on that side of the room. "Well," said one older woman, "I just think that it would look really bad in the media. It would make the movement for getting rid of GMO crops look like a bunch of criminals". Thinking a bit about this statement, I then asked her, "and what if the media wasn't a factor? Would you then do the action?" She thought for a moment, "Well, yes, I guess I would".

So this person would be in favor of going into a field and destroying a whole acre - or more if possible - of someone else's things, a corporation's things, if it meant that the corporate media would not report about it on the news. This means that she also thought that the action was productive enough where she would want to be involved in it. In fact the only thing standing in her way was the anticipated reaction from corporate media, an entity that people on the left and in the post-leftist milieu have all supposedly come to the conclusion that they don't like! So why is it so important to everyone?

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Reading Material.

I've recently aquired a copy of Our Enemies In Blue. Its the history and political background of the American police force and paramilitary usage. I recommend that you all read it, as it gives a good history of the role of law enforcement in social control.

Angry Brigade.

These tactics will be condemned to theoretical hibernation if they cannot, by other means, attract collectively the indiviuals whom isolation and hatred for the collective lie have already won over to the rational decision to kill or be killed themselves, no murderers - and no humanists either. The first accepts death, the second imposes it. Let ten people meet who are resolved on the lightening of violence rather than the agony of survival:


-Angry Brigade Communique #13
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So what would you all consider good "first time" weapons, then? I've heard that the CZ-52 is a good, inexpensive pistol, but what about revolvers, shotguns, rifles and so forth? I'm familiar with matching the application to the weapon (a shotgun for home defense, for example) but being the fan of lists that I am, I've yet to see a list which delineates specifically what weapons are too "hot" for a beginning shooter (eg. Desert Eagles, Tarus Raging Bulls, Barret M82s)

Reflections on a Protest, March 19, 2005 (x-posted)

Reflections on a Protest, March 19, 2005

"Your dead language of love
Hey I don’t mind breaking Starbucks windows cause it is more fun
Hey I can envision more radical times
Not just standing silently around" - The (International) Noise Conspiracy

Today I had wanted to experience again the liberating rage I felt at J20, and instead, was silently led around Manhattan in a protest directed by police and pacifists. Both of these forces and what they represent, beyond a doubt, should be connected to the ideology of the capitalist state. In fact, after hearing organizers of the protest use phrases such as "photo-op," I had a bit of an epiphany in regard to the value of passive "symbolic attacks" or "consciousness raising" as a tactic. Namely, I realized that it has absolutely no value for the proletarian's, our, aims.
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