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one direction: insurrection...

one solution: revolution.

praxis makes perfect
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This community exists for one reason: to provide a forum for the discussion of physical force as it relates to revolutionary anti-authoritarian, ultraleft, and anarchist politics. As we feel that it is the aim of the radical individual and community to defend themselves and their way of life (as opposed to relying on state institutions such as police forces, the FBI, les gendarmes, das bundeswehr, etc.), we believe it is sound practice to become acquainted with the means of self-defense.


this one screams your name, rich man


Consider this a forum to discuss specific firearms, questions about weapons, training, your personal experiences with weapons of any kind, as well as philosophical and political issues, anything at all, so long as it relates to this general topic.

Of course, you are always permitted to disagree with someone (anyone), you're even allowed to get pissed off, just try to keep it reasonable.

This ain't armedcitizen. Neither conservative nor leftist/liberal views are at all relevant here (this includes authoritarian socialist views, i.e. maoist, leninist, etc.), and as such, will most likely be deleted.

click for a summation (PDF) of our feelings about Lenin, Mao, Trotsky and their ilk.

the sexiest revolutionaries ever to beat a leninist in the street


Impassioned Insurrection: Cincinnati Radicals!
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